We are specialists in the procurement of high-quality supplies, installations and servicing of Solar Products at affordable prices. From complete off-grid and grid tied solar systems to advanced energy storage solutions, we always prioritise the needs and special preferences of our valued customers.

We believe that solar energy should be accessible to everyone and this is the reason why our solutions start at entry-level and continue through to large-scale solar farms.

Solar Options:

A) Solar grid – tied/hybrid solution

Graphics representation of a solar installation connected to the utility grid
Solar grid – tied/hybrid solution

B) Solar off-grid

Graphics representation of a solar installation that is off the grid

Solar off-grid systems are the most cost effective solution to generate power when utility i.e. ESKOM grid is not available.

When electricity from a utility such as ESKOM is unavailable or connecting to the grid is increasingly getting too expensive, the most cost-effective solution is to use solar PV to generate your own power.

C) Hybrid

Graphics representation of a hybrid solar installation

Energy Storage Solutions

With our wide range of dynamic battery energy storage systems for solar applications, we have an effective and efficient approach. This enables energy produced from a solar power system to be stored and then used as required.

Graphics representation showing a solar installation also connected to a utility grid

Energy Audits

It is the first step to assess how much energy your home/business consumes. An assessment will show you problem areas that, when corrected, may save you significant amounts of money.

The key to dSolar’s energy audits is understanding how much energy is consumed in a unit of operation and what the cost of energy consumption amounts to. Our more complex audits include detailed metering over a prolonged period to establish the baseline of energy consumption.

Our energy audits allow us to cost a suite of potential energy efficiency interventions for our clients.

Electrical works

dSolar aims to provide a full turnkey solution to all your electrical needs.

  • Domestic, Industrial and Mining installations
  • On site services
  • Maintenance of contracts
  • Issue compliance certificates. i.e. COC
  • Quick turnaround on pricing and repairs