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Specialists of High Quality Affordable Solar Products dSolar RENEWABLE ENERGY Empowering Solar Solutions Our Domestic, Commercial and Industrial clients achieve freedom from dependency on fossil based energy. Slide

Smart Business is

Investing in Solar Systems

reduced expenses, increased productivity and leads to a more sustainable environment


We collaborate with developers and / or contractors committed to the provision of energy efficient solutions through supply of cost effective technologies.

Public Sector/Local Municipalities

In response to the public sector’s energy consumption requirements, dSolar offers reliable, affordable and environmentally friendly energy efficiency solutions


Our extensive knowledge and experience is used to give home owners the right system for the right application, making homes more energy efficient.


Be Part Of The SolutionEnergy Efficiency

We always look forward to helping our clients achieve more reliable power supply. Our knowledgeable and efficient sales team are always at hand and ready to provide guidance and support whenever needed.

Our energy efficiency technologies and management approaches include interventions through solar solutions, efficient lighting, hot water systems, motors for water systems, improved insulations and heat recovery and lighting interventions.

The DsolarAdvantage


Good For Business

As a business, investing in Solar Power is as smart a move as you can make and dSolar offers an exciting new business paradigm for companies looking to reduce costs, ensure uninterrupted growth, and help save the planet. All at the same time!


An A++ In BEE

In terms of black ownership and gender equality, dSolar has exemplary BEE credentials from the top down. Over 60% of our staff is black females and many of the support consultants and/or outsourced expertise prioritises black female professionals.


No Corner-Cutting

dSolar will never compromise when it comes to sourcing the technology, materials and skills required for your installations. We thoroughly assess all our suppliers and components in terms of quality, proven reliability, and long-term cost of ownership.


Offered by dSolar


Africa is one of the best climates in the world for solar integration, mainly it has sunny, mild winter days, and tons of daylight hours all year round.

As a growing South African enterprise, dSolar is committed to finding energy efficient solutions by leveraging sustainable energy sources. We provide affordable, reliable, durable and sustainable solutions aimed at powering our communities and reducing operational costs.

Energy Audits

Our energy audits allow us to cost a suite of potential energy efficiency interventions for our clients.

Solar Power

We specialise in the procurement of high-quality supplies, installations and servicing of Solar products at affordable prices. From complete off-grid and grid tied solar systems to advanced energy storage solutions.

LED Lighting

dSolar provides high quality, locally manufactured LED lighting for commercial, industrial and residential applications

Electrical Works

dSolar provides high quality, locally manufactured LED lighting for commercial, industrial and residential applications.


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